Entering The Etherverse by Zinkete

With a long career in the video games industry, cartoon series, and cinema, Spanish visual artist Zinkete creates absolutely unique characters with curious optimistic eyes and wide cheerful smiles. They inhabit the space where the cute and the awkward come together, finding their place somewhere between the critic and the absurd. Zinkete calls himself "always drawing kid from Sevilla". Currently he travels and lives around the world and injects his warm personality into each and every 3D image. His passion for his labour is a testament to Zinkete‘s ability to make every project as important as the last, always looking for the complicity and empathy of the viewer, just like in this joyful token!


So close, now look towards the electronic river which I know so well. The color of the water, its way of gliding along the banks, the pink cattails, the silt platforms, where dragonflies-machines rest the end of their little neon claws. It is more than the electronic river, it is perhaps a golden secret.
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