A Particle of Love by Emmanuel Villalobos

Emmanuel Villalobos, better known as WOAO, is a proud Mexican who studied visual arts practicing in different jobs from the age of 15 years. He has been experimenting through a lot of trial and error, his beginnings were moved by the inspiration of being a filmmaker, going through an animator in different advertising agencies until he reached what he is today, an illustrator with 7 years of experience modeling in 3D. Themes such as spirituality, consciousness, the cosmos, introspection and above all love are the ones that inspire him the most to create magical worlds that are characterized by a somewhat daring but very fun mix of colors. Passionate about cycling, colorful socks and with a tremendous love for avocado, he got a tattoo with the aim of remembering the beauty of life even in the simplest things.


Occupation, hobbies or the things I like, I am not me. My body is only a place of passage for my traveling soul. I have always felt that I am two people. I float in the universe looking to land and only when I breathe in my present, I achieve it. I observe my duality because I am part of the cosmos. I am that particle of love also called "Universe".
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