#125 David Bonilla

The God Bastard Machine by David Bonilla

Whether they are characters, spaces or abstract objects, David Bonilla has a unique formula for it all to make them come to life with grace and elegance. Coming from a family of architects David passionately explores forms, shapes and diverse color palettes. Bonilla’s creative exploration begins from the observation of nature and how human evolution happened to invade this space. David is largely inspired by urban art and music which leads him to establish the rhythm of the piece and choose the art technique. As a brilliant art director and illustrator David Bonilla has collaborated with an impressive list of clients and advertising projects such as Nike, Heineken, FIFA, Swatch, among others. Today it is the Exquisite Corpse on Venus and we are excited about that!


His aura field held shifting hints of orange and brown within the band of formal blue. It looked like a model of a intricate and old-fashioned spacecraft. You scowle cause the machine does not let you go. The machine follows you through the crowds of people.
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