Maraña by Mario Yoel

Master of the fine-liner Mario Yoel Fiestas works as an ambitious artist, sculptor and illustrator with top clients in the southern Spain. With the degrees in Fine Arts in Granada and Poland and with a great range of work, the tie that binds all of his visuals remains as consistent and strong as his striking aesthetic. From a sculptor mother, Mario has grown up among her creations and since very young was driven by the discipline having worked with several prestigious names in the field. Mario’s great passion is drawing and exploring mixed feelings while representing gorgeous and mysterious female figures. The subtlety of a woman with the harshness of life, in his own words, makes an exceptional combination for Mario’s artistic process in which with clean strokes the artist introduces harmonious and truly hypnotic portraits and shapes. Brilliant token!


The house of the future carries on with its daily tasks and machinations, ignorant that its human inhabitants are missing. Where have they gone? We are at the heart of an era when unprecedented technology sleeps in your bed under the sound of the soft rain.

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