Migración by Román García Alsina

Román García Alsina originally hails from Cuba where he graduated at the Higher Institute of Design of the University of Havana. As a graphic designer he has worked with several marketing and digital advertising agencies. The influence of his design background is evident in much of his illustration and has led to high profile campaign work as well as collaborations with digital magazines of different editorial profiles. His work revolves around surreal representations of organic forms that evoke surprise, disgust, and woodies generative characters. In his creative works Román speaks social relations, fantastical worlds and music.


Migration is a phenomenon of the physical. A body that moves from place, a point that bounces from X to Y in space. However, the migrant also has memory, and that is where the fundamental weight of its absence resides - in the echo of a frightened voice that rings in a non-place: I have left… I don't know if I will return.

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