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by Parvus Artwork

Pol Cercós Güell, AKA Parvus Artwork from an early age has been drawn to comics, horror, and sci-fi. Much of his influence comes from the American comics of Mike Mignola, Frank Miller and Michael Allred who between chiaroscuro and dense lines give life to the two-dimensional. He is also fascinated by Rothko, Magritte, Keith Haring who put light where there was only darkness. Paper and ink, canvas with acrylics, sprays, visual poems over the walls and Kwai characters passed through a heartbreaking filter, Parvus tried all types of mediums. Breaking his right hand forced the artist to learn to draw and write with his left one. Courageous, stubborn, brilliant young man, currently dreams of creating more comics between his audiovisual and animated projects.


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