Exquisite Eye by Antian Imeri

Focused on order and balance, Antian Imeri’s sophisticated visuals explore thought and emotion through a modular sculpture in imagined spaces and digital compositions. Antian got his degrees of Graphic Design at University of the Arts London in Camberwell where he could find success incorporating 3D computer-graphics even in projects that were more tailored for traditional Graphic Design. Antian has been featured in numerous art festivals and creative platforms and has worked in the CESS Studio specialized in global advertising for a great variety of recognized brands such as DreamWorks, MTV and Apple. Antian finds inspiration from peers in the community who push forth the computer-generated art as well as from the great minds of the past who nurtured the movements of their time, like Van Gogh among others. Welcome on board!


Here sins might appear as virtues. You might get mistaken and even guard against virtuous acts that can later be found to be sins. The Big Eye is open and will always recognize the real sins, even on Venus. How about the final cigar?

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