199 ILUSTRACHO - suit

Núvols by Ilustracho

Nacho Sánchez who goes under "Ilustracho" graduated from the Elisava Design Academy of Barcelona. Throughout his trajectory as an illustrator, he has always looked for a personal language characterized by the use of vibrant colors and textures that connect his digital work to something more human. In his illustrations he brings charismatic characters that are sweet, docile and harmless that represent such concepts as incomprehension, anxiety and fear. This contrast allows Ilustracho to generate a bridge between the appearance of things and what is really behind them. Ilustracho’s main goal is to create a dialog between him and the viewer through empathy and give a voice to very common feelings that are hard to bring light to.


Always in a hurry. She could barely eat a piece of fruit for breakfast. As much as she tried-
Zaba could never get to work on time. And the thing is that Rufino got up early a lot to go to factory, but not just any factory ... A cloud factory! And not an average cloud factory... but the biggest and fluffiest cloud factory ever made up to moment!

This illustration is born to represent the term “suit”.
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