Particles and waves by Anna Dart

Anna Dart is the Head of the Metaverse Growth of Exquisite Workers, the co-founder of “NFT to stay" global mission and one of our most unusual artists. And not surprisingly her work is quite striking with those magnetic portraits and a passionate call for better universal human connection. Anna undertook her studies in drama and choreography in the city of Barcelona and studied art by visiting multiple museums travelling around the world. Anna promotes ecological and social sustainability as well as mental health and recently got involved in charity art project in the city of Zürich. When it comes to her recent digital works she manipulates her watercolour and acrylic images using advanced digital techniques. In her own words, when it comes to the social or artistic contribution, Anna brings a deep sense of purpose, her light and sense of excellence.


I celebrate that you do not message me any longer. That I see the world with the gaze of all people that I met, but now a little less with your eyes. Attention spins so fast and it is the most powerful tool we have. Before you can observe oneself, you slip away from own understanding. Not actively searching for the new thoughts, go up by staying. The matter is vast inside and ‘finite’ is my favorite word.

What is the ΔV that the orbiter will have to apply to enter intersect orbit? When I am on the sea sailing alone, I remember the town, where I was born. At what time does it have to be applied to reach the LAM in time? I remember those long lasting kisses that you liked, with a sense. Since you love number 3, take rest for 3 hours, 3 days, 3 months.
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