TechnoTrash by Guille Jimeno

Guille Jimeno is an illustrator and tattoo artist born in 1989. With a degree in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Design and Illustration, Guille develops an underground, psychedelic graphic style with cyberpunk aesthetics. His one-of-the-kind style evolves out of a passion for the graffiti culture. With a clear influence of the 90s and 2000s, he himself defines his style as a "TechnoTrash". Among other hobbies, Guille says he likes to go on an interdimensional tourism and from there draws inspiration for his work. It is that rawness of a line, a smart use of color and a sense of humor which make him stand out from the crowd.
Singular aesthetic and amazingly unique token!


Too many bits of information clutter the mind. Too many bits of information become your virus. Too many bits are the demon that permeates your brain. You cannot see anymore. You can no longer feel. You can no longer deny that in it you are not the star. Because the information is not valid. The information is the Lie.
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