#387 The Squid Game - VIVIAN NIU

Vivivian for Exquisite Workers

Vivivian is our talented and outrageous crew-member from China. She graduated from Zhengzhou University in China, majoring in Fine-Arts, and currently works with her husband in Vitality Studio they founded in order to create beautiful illustrations for the community. In addition to drawing images and taking pictures, Vivivian also likes dancing and learning it by taking classes. When she is out of her studio, she goes to the furniture stores to explore different brands of furniture in the city. When it is time to  create a new masterpiece she listens to the relaxing music which makes her imagine a bunch of colors and how they flow and mix together, just like those of the surface of Venus. Regarding her favorite palettes, Vivivian is fond of using the cyan color. 


If only my closet held on its shelves an array of faces that I could wear rather than dresses, I would know which face to put on today and which game to play. Restore the simplest human nature with the simplest games!

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