#350 Rebon by Clarafosca

Clarafosca is a versatile artist from Barcelona often found travelling and living all over the world. Her professional career has taken her to different fields of the visual arts ranging from the textile fashion industry to tattooing, inviting to experiment with watercolors, spray, graffiti, acrylic, and digital art. Clarafosca is a creative mind who is inspired by the human nature, social interactions and the natural world. She focuses on painting feminine aesthetic forms complemented by vibrant transcendent fusion of natural forms. Her work is a joyous exploration of colour and shapes combined with a keen eye for detail which shines light to her surreal female characters.


Sometimes we have those moments and situations in life that make us stop completely. They shake all the foundations we had laid and make us reconsider everything. It is then when you feel lost, naked, floating in a universe parallel to this reality, trying to find your way again. At that precise moment it is when your deepest self is reborn. You must be reborn in order not to be trapped floating in infinite time without being able to move forward.
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