#400 Ramón Ramos - Death or Alive

Dead or Alive by Ramón Ramos for Exquisite Workers

Ramón Ramos is a freelance art director, graphic designer and 3D illustrator from Spain. He has been working on advertising for a few years as Head of Art for national and international brands in on and off projects. He then decided to jump into the freelance world to have creative power over his projects and to evolve as a person and as an artist.

His iridescent, immersive work is focused on the relationship between humans and nature and how they interact with each other creating a unique viewing experience which activates senses and surprises each time. Ramón prides himself on his attention to detail and efficiency and is constantly challenging himself to make each piece stronger than the last.


It is the aim of sleeping particles rising towards the sun, the struggle of each sea drop against the plastic to keep its essence unharmed. The breath of a leaf. The beauty of a seed making its way through the concrete jungle. The warm embrace of a coral sheltering a fish. Our last hope.

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