The New Connected by Isac Demons

Isac Demons’s brilliant work, often plenty of details, takes place in a world full of bizarre characters, dark but at the same time positive, sad and humorous, introspective and spiritual. Sometimes they are destructive too, but always with profound messages of free interpretation. Born in 1985 in Barcelona, he studied illustration and graphic design in Escola Massana where he discovered his passion for comics and art nouveau posters. His influences are also classic horror films, sci-fi and cyberpunk aesthetics, German expressionist cinema, Aubrey Beardsley, Robert Crumb underground comics. Isac Is keen on art brut, contemporary artists Stephane Blanquet and Ota Keiti and the heavy psych rock from the late 60s and early 70s etc. He is a death metal musician too with a great interest for relativizing darkness and confronting it with light, making his works healing through artistic expression.


Self-absorption mixed with synthetic drugs and an excessive passion for retro video games finally left him in vegetative status. Technology advanced so fast that one could not distinguish fact from fiction. But choosing between living in the truth or living in the digital world was still a possibility. Finally he regains contact with the part of his brain that could still imagine and live new adventures with his best friend.
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