Technological Social Services by Daniel Gómez

From warm Costa Rica, Daniel Gómez, more known as Gomaloca, found his second home in sunny Barcelona. Having been a vegetarian and animal lover for the past 7 years, most of his Gomaloca’s work features animals and fruits. In his free time he enjoys doing comics about his life, emotions and occurrences. He also deeply enjoys creating imaginary around the naive theme, usually taking cute characters and giving them a "criminal" twist. His dreams involve illustrating at a larger scale and publishing a comic book. When not drawing, designing and illustrating, you can find Daniel riding around on his bike or hugging random dogs in the streets. Are there any in space?


This is the future where healthcare is freely accessible anywhere in the streets, the education reaches anyone thanks to the virtual reality and with the scientific developement the fruits and trees grow virtually. All of these advancements would be interconnected and powered by a framework of technology and progress.

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