The Morning Bells by Camilo Suarez

Camilo Suarez’s main interest lies in developing and creating unique and eye-catching digital illustrations which are thought-provoking and striking. Graduated from the Higher Institute of Design in Barcelona, Camilo Suarez got passionate about the Cinema. Before he became the co-founder member of the creative platform of realization audiovisual, animation and design Syndicate, was already nominated in the category of animation at the Lucas Awards and carried out the communication campaigns of various theater festivals as well as the animation direction for the National Ballet of Ecuador. Camilo often draws his inspiration from nature, classic and modern cinematography, science fiction and his favourite music. His work has a strong graphic sensibility, tending towards bold compositions and iconic solutions, and employing photography where needed.


The fable assures that there was a small and select group of beings who came out of the known boundaries of time and examined the innumerable branches of potential reality. These people called themselves "eternal" and when they left time they found themselves in the call "Eternity" (Isaac Asimov).

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