Existance by Nils Hansen

Nils Hansen is one of those usual artists who immediately catches your attention. Originally trained as a stone sculptor, Nils Hansen achieved his Masters in this field, earning him numerous awards. He spent two years in Carrara, Italy, where he refined his skills in the field of marble. Based on his extensive knowledge of anatomy and mastering figural expression in such a difficult media as stone, he has been able to easily transfer his expertise in the traditional art to a new digital media. He received a scholarship to further his training in Berlin at the Babelsberg Film School studying Digital Film Design with an emphasis on digital modeling. His brilliant digital works have been collected on the most reknown Crypto Art platforms and today win over the Crypto Corpse #02!


Open up the brain and mouth! How about participating in a metaphorical dialog between the faces of life and death? Strong energy is flowing between the two poles of existence. This is the state-of-the-art neural interface bridges to the supposedly separate worlds.
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