Synáptica by Andrés Guzmán 

Andrés Guzmán is a Peruvian illustrator and designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Andrés’s textural and dreamy work is created with a rich narrative and design led aesthetic, which you can feel in each of his creations. Andrés combines the intricacies of hand drawn elements with a strong graphic influence, creating his own incredible illustrative world, stemming from the dark and mysterious. Andrés has been working professionally in the graphic world for clients for more than 10 years, both local and international, and has designed for various musicians during this time. As a son of the 90s, he got passionate about Aeon Flux, Akira and Dragonball Z and currently he draws inspiration from his deep curiosity for other dimensions and realities and the meaning of his own dreams.


Tonight in the infinitesimal light of the stars the trees and words have been strewing their cool odors. Thousands of messages are exchanged over space, emptiness and between nerves. You walk among them, but none of them are noticing: the neurotransmissions occur in the highly strung systems.
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