Cosmic Jungle by Jonny Casa

Graduated in restoration in Florence, Jonny Casa completed his training in New York in the National Academy of Fine Arts and did arts trainings in Los Angeles and Madrid and now excercises as a tattoo master. His work is characterized by the use of the realistic elements combined with surrealistic objects melting into animal forms and human figures. Jonny Casa is largely inspired by every daily life happy moments with music, both singing and playing, travelling, good films and cooking. With his unique style, he represents diversity and community, with fascinating botanical settings and fauna forward characters. Jonny has participated in several exhibitions in Florence, New York, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona and uses his talent as a way to connect with the bigger audiences through the tattoo as an artistic form.


Nature is snagged on wires. The tiger is trapped with no way out of it. I would admire the deep gravity of the union, its timeless eyes. I would know you were serious about the machines which rushed into our life. There would be a nobility then, there would be a birthday.

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