Reaching The Future by Alejandro Carlini

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Alejandro Carlini discovered his passion for drawing at the age of thirty and committed to study at the famous Academy of Fine-Arts of La Llotja. After completing his formal training he spent two more years studying illustration at the Escola Joso with the strong intention to expand and consolidate his knowledge of different techniques, both analog and digital. With a special interest for botany, portraiture and human figure, in his personal work with a great enthusiasm he dwells upon the antagonistic dream-like concepts blending together the forces of nature and technology. Today with his distinctive neo-futuristic style and a splendor of his unbounded imagination, Alejandro adorns the surface of the Moon. 


Welcome to the brave new world! How lovely to see you! Look around. Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and even Tokens are now a reality! And now pause for a moment and close your eyes. In my silence you can discover yours. There is the real time machine you always wanted.

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