Abyss by Pacomang

South Korea native, Pacomang is an illustrator and music animator graduated from Kyung Hee University of Arts in his home country. Aged 31, he creates the expressive art that comes from deep understanding and feeling of music, accurate study of the line which the artist enjoys playing with turning a rough and complex stroke into a beautiful color, and continuous search for people's strengths that Pacomang aims to absorb. His main references in terms of style are Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA) and Miura Kentaro (Berserk). When it comes to color, the artist enjoys Beeple and Mad Dog Jones. Pacomang is interested in the dark future, approaching it with a sense of irony and wonder.


The wagon creaks and shakes. The light is not thinking to show up. I see in a cold seat in the back a couple whispering secrets that only they understand. This afternoon is definitely lost. This day has come into the world by mistake. There was a promise in it but someone perjured it. The train jumps over the needles. Be happy on your journey!
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