#385 Starlight Motel, Galaxy 34

Starlight Motel, Galaxy 34 by Ana Bachiller

Ana Bachiller is a highly driven and passionate digital artist and graphic designer specialized in 3D. With degrees in Design and Advertising Design and years of experience in the industry, today she has focused on projects related to augmented reality which she successfully produces for the big national brands, music groups and influencers. In her artwork, Ana Bachiller mixes the idyllic costumbrism of the golden age of advertising of the 50-60s with a fantastic and surreal aesthetic that does not belong to this world. Ana creates exquisitely detailed portraits, depictions of cosmos-scapes, and strange, otherworldly objects and artifacts, renowned for their unparalleled level of skill and originality.



Starlight Motel Reviews on Spacetripadvisor:
Excellent: 918 Very good: 199 Normal: 76 Bad: 40 Terrible: 12

“I love staying at the Starlight Motel every time I travel the Galaxy34. The rooms are always clean, the hotel has a location downtown and all the staff (cleaning service, reception, parking, restaurants) is always first class, I'm so sorry I don't remember their
Names." - Alien 1
“I loved staying at this place. My room was very very clean and crystalline. They offered me various things, like soda, phone charger, etc. My room had extra towels, which I really appreciated. It was great! I recommend 100% ”- Alien 2

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