194 Sebastian Helene

#194. Meta by Sebastian Helene, EW -  A Wormhole linking the Metaverse and Space Explorations: The Metaverse Multiplanetary Economic Model by Irina Karagyaur & KobiPlanet Labs

Sebastian Helene is here to captivate your attention with his extraordinary personal nomadic story and passion for arts, ancient cultures and myths, nature and rules that it follows. Graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in Edinburgh and Social Sciences in Sweden, where he was born, in the past he has lived in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, Sweden, Scotland, England and China. Ever since he was a kid he found Cosmos utterly fascinating, the endlessness and enormity of it with all its mysterious complexities and forces which we are a part of. Developing his personal style of free cosmic flow sculptural work by using concepts of composition, colour, form and light he creates visually pleasing and engaging work with groundbreaking digital effects that has been featured in film festivals, big screens and small screens, in stores and on the streets and work with clients of every scale, from multinational household name clients to local clients and collaborators. Sebastian constantly shows he is at the forefront of creativity: today landing on the BeInCrypto star!


Sebastian Helene from Sweden is here to grab your attention with this extraordinary, empowering NFT on the metaverse and space, which Irina Karagyaur, the Head of Metaverse Growth at Unique Network, and KobiPlanet Labs greatly depict in their unique letter to the future. The letter is both introspective and outward looking. While the writers highlight that by building worlds in the metaverse we can learn more about the universe through our own creations, Sebastian blasts the viewer past the upper stratosphere into the beyond.

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