Suffocation by Borja Alegre

Based near the sea in Barcelona, Borja Alegre is keen on pushing the boundaries of reality with his dreamlike and emotional style and enjoys defying what can or cannot exist. His 3D art is about the human being who he invites into surrealistic compositions using some elements, like inflatables, cars or beautiful landscapes. What sets Borja apart from other set designers and image makers is his fearless ability to work with almost any material for any project, all of it excellently polished and executed and with a constant search for a deep meaning in each and every work. Just like in this one, made exclusively for the Crypto Venus Corpse.


Anxiety. Stay at home, be at home, dream at home, walk at home, is home our real home? Do you think They know we are here? Doesn’t an old thing always know when a new thing comes? You can join me.
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