216 TEPE - fan


Interstellar Theft by Marcela Tepetonga

Marcela Ruiz, Tepetonga or Tepe was born in Mexico, where she worked for more than a decade in art direction in advertising until she changed her headquarters to Barcelona. There she undertook her postgraduate studies in Illustration at Elisava and spent 3 years at Escola Joso specializing in Illustration for children. Tepe often alludes to her origins: skulls and Huichol aesthetics frequently find place in her absolutely charismatic illustrations. A master of composition, colour and line, Tepe sensitively carves shapes from vectors to create dynamic and alluring illustration. Besides arts, she is passionate about printing, art toys, photography, design, nature and certainly Exquisite Corpse!


The bone fan is not enough! We need a new plan to get to Mars! Returning the original body to its head is the only way to activate its ultrasonic energy and travel at the speed of light. There is a little problem though! It is so expensive! Not even with all the savings of the crew on Metamask it will be enough to buy it… Guess what?

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