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Small Worlds by Kiwii Pastek

As an artist Camille Lagoarde, AKA "Kiwii Pastek" is known for her vivid, delicate and thought-provoking art style. Kiwii Pastek hailes from France where her parents’ exposure to arts and crafts nourished her love for creating things by hand and be resourceful. Even as a child, she had a strong taste for books, especially albums. That is when she started drawing and she never stopped. Today her colourful illustrations reveal a poetic world with a touch of humour. Moreover, her personal work is part of the body positive movement. She wants to give a different image of bodies considered outside the norm: fat, marked, non-binary, transgender, etc. Thus, a fresh and benevolent look is given to them. Far from the injunctions and archetypes carried by today's society. Her committed artistic approach has allowed her to be published in the feminist magazines Bust Magazine and The Fatzine, be recognized by international illustration, design institutions and today reach as far as the Black Hole!


The space is so vast as to be infinite. Notions of size are almost meaningless. Everything seems gigantic, out of reach. So I imagined tiny worlds floating in this infinite cosmos. Worlds occupied by small creatures who let themselves be carried along by the cosmic
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