Welcome To The Rabbit Hole by Flavia Gargiulo

Flavia Gargiulo was born in Madrid in 1983. Her family changed the capital for a quieter place and moved to Mallorca, when she was 7. The light of Mediterranean sea, a childhood in the countryside and walking through one of the most beautiful Gothic cities in the world all the way to her workshop, Flavia says, became powerful memories and main sources of inspiration. Perspective, history and costumbrism come together in her highly polished, detailed illustrations. Flavia finds herself curious about the most different topics: from regenerative agriculture and Mexican muralism to Northern European Renaissance and the mysteries of infographic design. Flavia loves to solve challenges: during ten years of a professional career she has provided illustration work for a staggering variety of projects, including children's illustration, comic, advertising, posters, art direction and Exquisite Corpses creation. And more is about to come, once we reach Mercury.


It was all so much fun when we were little. There was no limit to our games. It was the labyrinth for our emotions. There were many memories and much impossibility in our games. They made an impossible world that now we miss. With a friendly smile.
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