The Future Is Inside You by Carlos Mondeja

Working both analog and digital, Carlos Mondeja always likes to explore new ways to communicate the visual message. Born and raised in Cuba, Carlos graduated from the Instituto Superior de Diseño de La Habana and currently works in Madrid, Spain. In these last years he has had the opportunity to work on projects with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, ACG, Asics, doing the graphic design and helping in the creative direction. One of his notable strengths is in coming up with ideas on how to make the designs with visual impact and that are easily remembered. The use of vibrant colours and bold contrasts, alongside the mélange of various materials and media, enable Carlos to create a complex world where reality coexists with metaphorical elements, the surreal and psychological; a world that can be interpreted on a variety of levels.


Me and my friend grabbed some savings and after a thousand of turns managed to have ETH to pay the gas. It is a whole new journey! The Metaverse is a place where people help each other, where new ways of doing things are created and most importantly a place where you can show yourself as you are with your pink monster avatar and the nickname you want.

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