Teresa and the sucker by Franka Parrello

Born in Cardoba, Argentina and based in Barcelona, Spain, Franka Parrello is a multidisciplinary artist who represents sensual portraits and silhouettes with her unique style, focusing her work on topics such as the intimate and the public. Franka seeks to explore the space-time relationship and the role of the image in the construction of the memory. Her images and a graphic style are mostly defined by marked line and color contrasts: her soft, warm shapes with bright palettes evoke the sensation of having a fruit ice cream in the middle of summer. Franka Parrello extensively exhibited in recognized fairs and art festivals in her home country and abroad. Currently her career is divided between artistic production, illustration and teaching, leading drawing, painting and cyanotype workshops, coordinating artists events amd discovering the Milky Way.


Bernini, my dear, there are only five humans left alive: four men and one woman. They have not been provided with any food for days. One of them hallucinates about canned goods in the ice Moon caverns. Another one reads books with the eyes half-closed.
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