On Duty by Pluulp

Pluulp is a Chilean cartoonist with a specialty in Characters Design. She likes the cartoon style and enjoys writing and drawing comics. She studied Visual Communication and Design at the University of La Serena, but decided to leave it to dedicate herself entirely to improving her drawing skills. She learned art by mostly watching and admiring the work of many excellent creators. Pluulp likes to mix the seemingly cute with the dark things and lets science fiction and old cartoons influence her dynamic vibrant work. Pluulp loves her job and if she could ask one thing to the Universe, it would be to eradicate tendonitis from the Earth.


You can run so fast that no one will be able to catch you. Calm down. Be quiet. Everything will come. Sooner or later you will have to rest and you will never get where you were destined to go. Follow your path!
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