Shedding The Skin by Pablo Nake

Pablo Ferrer Megías, A.K.A “Pablo Nake”, originally comes from Granada where he studied at the Academy of Arts and Crafts. Pablo explores the color and line by transforming the walls and facades into mesmerising pieces that tell stories. Pablo is able to create complex universes where reality coexists with metaphorical aspects. Surreal and psychological, his world can be interpreted on a multitude of levels. His works, striking with contrasts, tend to adapt to the culture and history of the people who inhabit the place where Pablo works. Pablo’s technique is mixed: he combines aerosol, acrylic paint, inks and today a little bit of stardust.


I strive to love and find the beauty. I look for the positive side of things. Yet I fail to see a friendly reflection in the mirror. The change of the skin is my return to the illusions which are just a couple of steps away from me. They are bright and warmhearted.
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