I Dream Of Snakes by Juan Carlos Polo

Graduated in 2010 from the Higher Institute of Design in Havana, Juan Carlos Polo Chaviano works in the creative group Proyecto Espacios Cuba. Juan Carlos shows great interest in illustration as an efficient communication tool and explores its significance of the two-dimensional frame and conventional scales and its use in interior design, blacksmithing, furniture customization and product development. Distilling stories into minimalist explosions of color, he is constantly seeking opportunities to allow images to speak volume. Juan Carlos’s work emphasizes composition to convey emotion and encode information. The bright illustrations of astronauts, monsters and entities from other planets often evoke an anxious feel and questions whilst maintaining softness and elegance.


On this occasion I inspire my work in two surrealist artists: the painter Max Ernst and the singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, they recreate titanic and ferocious snakes that get entangled in an infinite labyrinth that floats in space. They represent all the ills that afflict man and his endless struggle to eradicate them.

This artwork is inspired by MAX ERNST.
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