Release by Niharika Kapil

Niharika Kapil originally hails from India where she received her degrees in Art and Design. Her visual language reflects a love of movement and form, depicted by varying line quality and application of colour. Niharika enjoys building poetic touching stories that help us better understand who we are. An ardent admirer of nature and the mundane, she often finds inspiration hidden in what surrounds us every day. Her art stems from her experiences of the world and explorations of oneself. Often, it is a translation of her late-night thoughts. Niharika adores creating bright, delicate designs with generous helpings of narrative, like this one, done for the Crypto Corpse #01. Do not miss this tender inspiring token!


Oh old Gods who breathed on this Earth. We still remember you. We still remember the good things you gave us. And we still miss you in our prayers. Nostalgy and magic.
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