#503 Vertical Dissection by Nils Hansen

Born in Germany, Nils Hansen originally trained in stone sculpture and achieved his Masters in this field, earning him numerous awards. Based on his extensive knowledge of anatomy and mastering figural expression in difficult media like stone and marble, Nils easily transferred his traditional skills to digital media. He received a scholarship to further his studies in Berlin at the Babelsberg Film School studying Digital Film Design with an emphasis on digital modeling. His brilliant 3D works have been collected on the most renowned crypto art platforms and global events.


Shifting horizons, losing gravity and linking the past with the future - the caryatid originally being a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support – the NFT is a surreal deconstruction with Cyberpunk elements. Inspired by the great master PABLO PICASSO the piece draws influence from his cubist and classical period in an eclectic way.

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