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Soulitude by Fabrizio Ferraro

Fabrizio Ferraro is a creative mind from Rome, Italy who received his Master's degree in Architecture and eventually chose to follow his life passion for drawing, though never dropping interest in the subject of his studies. His artistic interest and passion mostly lies in combining unexpected and unlike elements to create something unique, coherent and surprising. By doing so he draws inspiration from topics that have fascinated him since childhood and built his sense of aesthetics, such as nature and universe, ancient civilizations and mysticism, as well as references to fantasy, Japanese and video game culture.


I hereby renounce, from now on, any sincere manifestation of the soul which I was and which I solemnly withdraw to scrupulously hide behind my appearance, until the end of my days.
In the hope that this will save me from the pain of this world,
Yours truly,

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