The Fortune Teller by Maia Cabello

Maia Cabello is a self-taught illustrator and architect from Latin America, currently based in Buenos Aires. Maia spent her childhood watching animations and reading manga, which cultivated her interest in drawing and building a wide diversity of characters at a young age. Maia now enjoys illustrations with cyberpunk aesthetics and characters influenced by streetwear and Japanese culture and folklore. Maia's persuasive up-beat illustrations invite us to visit her impactful enthralling environments and make us meet her attractive though distant meticulously detailed heros of 21st century or centuries which are yet to come.


Let me tell you why you are here. You seek to gain deeper insight into your life. You say you want to hear the truth? Yes, you can feel it. And it is driving you mad. But… be ware of those of us who gaze into the future. We see things you cannot believe. We share the world with both the living and the dead. We contradict all cosmic order. You say you want to hear the truth? Be prepared.

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