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Prophecy 8.0 by Elvis Marshall

Elvis Marshall is a conceptual creative with extremely wide-ranging talents. No matter what his medium, his work is deeply personal displaying his unbounded imagination and eye for design. It was in his childhood that the cult of the American superhero- and Underground comic, manga and anime exerted such power over his young mind that managed to raise his imagination to places far away from the school desk. His curiosity for the urban art and illustration definitely led him to study graphic arts that he unintentionally married with the performance. In a parallel and stealthy way, dance, martial arts and performing arts have been the platforms where he was able to use his knowledge from the graphic world, producing posters for theater companies and painting performances.


Flesh of my mind, they were sisters but one of them did not survive. -Whose fault was it? Of an army of a single being. - Who lit the fire? - The tomorrow that stalked the day before yesterday. - Seven thousand images are reflected in his eyes once they burst into darkness. Only one of us will be able to travel until the end. Because the future of yesterday are the ruins of today. That was something what a poor little thing told me, the one who searched the truth in technology.
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