Island Wave by Michael Connolly

There is an effortless and elegant beauty in minimal works by Michael Connolly. Based in the UK, Michael uses code and software in order to produce work across a broad range of disciplines mostly concerned with geometric abstraction. Aesthetically speaking Michael is driven by pretty much anything that came out of the Bauhaus. The Abstraction-Creation group also resonates a lot with the artist. As he gets older, Michael seems to be going back to childlike forms and simpler compositions. Michael is inspired by nature, maths, his kid's toys and certainly by his current mindblowing journey to Venus.


He did not understand the alien. He did not want to talk during the journey from the hotel to the conference-center, whereas usually people in such a situation could not stop talking. Are you not frightened at all? Not really, I simpy have a jetlag. Welcome to Miami!

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