Hunting Night by Dreamoanut

Captivating digital wizardry from Mexico-based 27 year old graphic designer and 3D artist Dreamoanut does not let you indifferent. Music and movies are his main inspirations and he is always looking to take his work to the next level applying and combining different styles and techniques to make incomparable and magical pieces each time. Dreamoanut‘s fascination for sci-fi, dark, and macabre themes have led him to work and experiment with different aesthetics throughout his art, going from really dark scenes and concepts to colorful and vibrant pieces like this super token. Do not miss it now!


Little Bop has again appeared in different circuits of Opus. You do not know her intentions, me neither, but the Senate is not waiting to find out. The Guardians are deployed to hunt the rebels. It is still not clear who is hunting who. Time will unveil the truth.
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