Out Of The City, Out Of Me by Creto

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Creto moved to Madrid several years ago, where he creates his stunning art and invites for the reflexion about various social issues while building his bold visual vocabulary. Migration, gender equality, the indiscriminate exploitation of the land, the massive Latin American protests in favor of the equality of human rights, these and other topics have been an important part of his creative process. Creto is a graffiti writer and an aspiring mural artist excited by the prospect of being able to paint his designs on a large scale. Creto's work mixes intense colorful geometric shapes with human, animal and plant figures, showing graphic influences from design as well as from the art of the indigenous and African cultures.


Spring highlights birth bliss. Blossoms waft freedom midst birds´chirping symphony. It does my heart good. Delightful display to the sun´s glory. I leave to be reborn. I am reborn to be back.
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