Future Past by CranioDsgn

Behind the CranioDsgn brand is Alex, born in Valencia in 1982. With a versatile and constantly evolving body of work, CranioDsgn's style combines graphic simplicity and rich textures. Trained at the Superior Academy of Art and Design of Castellon, it is with his passion for the pop culture aesthetics and cinema that he tackles every project. Alex is a great lover of music, especially of a punk-rock & Californian melodic hardcore, and a skateboarding. He is a die-hard fan of "Batman", "Masters of the Universe" and "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" as well as of the toys, especially those from the 80s. All these serve as inspiration to bring an exquisite art for the publishing and advertising worlds.


Watch, observe and contemplate simply with the inner sight. It does know the ancient events that happened and that testify to a future. A loop that does not stop. From the early days to our current virtuality. Who can see beyond what an oracle saw one day? Oracles.

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