#123 James Kenven

Full Bloom by James Kenven Morgan

From Wales, to London and now New York, James Kenven Morgan is a traveller and an enthusiatic Motion Designer specializing in 2D and 3D animation. Primarily working in the brand world field, he focuses on bringing brands to life through storytelling in motion. The love of motion started from a young age when he borrowed his Dads Leica camera and never gave it back. He found a fascination in being able to tell a story from different perspectives and evoke emotions in the viewers. Pushing his short films further led to him experimenting with visual effects and motion graphics and he has never looked back. His personal work tends to explore everyday objects by creating charismatic personalities for them. James hopes to open his own animation studio, hopefully in dazzling Venus, cause we love your delicate token for Crypto Corpse #02!


A New York park. At this moment in time where our world has been turned upside down, nature is thriving. Perfect state of beauty, freshness and vigor. A delicate powdery coating on fruit and leaves. That is happening at home. On board I bent my bleak head over my whispers. I forgot to water my Little Becka before taking the rocket...
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