Insomnia by Clarafosca

Clarafosca is a versatile artist from Barcelona often found travelling and living all over the world. Her professional career has taken her to different fields of the visual arts ranging from the textile fashion industry to tattooing, inviting to experiment with watercolors, spray, graffiti, acrylic, and digital art. Clarafosca is a creative mind who is inspired by the human nature, social interactions and the natural world. She focuses on painting feminine aesthetic forms complemented by vibrant transcendent fusion of natural forms. Her work is a joyous exploration of colour and shapes combined with a keen eye for detail which shines light to her surreal female characters.


The brain is divided into two halves. One that makes us creative and another that makes us calculating. They are interrelated by someone who was there since the beginning of time. Someone is the One who makes two halves grow. Until the end of days.
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