Earth Memories by Risotoo

Risotoo is a French graphic designer who works in visual communication and does illustrations alongside. Growing up in the 90s, video games and movies of this time and all things related to Japan became a great source of his inspiration. Risotoo aims to represent seducing and expressive female characters which seem to possibly live both on Earth or in outer space. They watch you with grace and elegance and you are impossibly left indifferent. Risotoo works in a very graphic and stylized way with a deliberately reduced color palette, almost like a screen printing. Risotoo's beautiful muse are brought to life not only on a digital illustration, but on wood and on Crypto Corpse #01.


I have always wanted to be connected to passion and debauchery. They both were like a mattress in the galaxy. Like a blanket of roses in my garden. They were the air that I inhalated. Like my last lover.
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