1 460 744 edges in Space by Pierre

A New-Caledonian architect, Pierre, besides his main professional activity, experiments with visual arts through various media such as 3D rendering, photo alterations, illustration. His main source of inspiration is the magic that operates through spatial and temporal scales of the natural world. Pierre is fond of observing how geometric patterns emerge from macro to micro systems. This interest reflects itself through geometrical manipulations and iterations on digital canvases. Pierre tends not to pursue any aesthetic goal but rather lets operate odd spontaneous gestures in his stunning works. Today they have eventually landed in space!


It was a very quiet thing, with a great certainty to it; no laughter, no wildness, just a steady, decided, and ceaseless flow. I wonder if it is Sunday on Venus? It might be Tuesday or Thursday – who knows? But no matter. My idle fancy. It is Sunday to us. And we are coming.

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