Enjoy every moment of it by Leeple for Exquisite Workers

Leeple Metaman, a virtual fictional character, is both the artist and the masterpiece. His work features the quirky human from the future paired with emotionally compelling vivid space sceneries. With a substantial video editing background, Leeple has developed a niche in creating affluent content about NFTs and is passionate about innovative 3D design. The NFT has changed his life, helping him communicate with people and support himself financially.

Leeple records videos of his daily life and introduce them as digital assets for collecting. Mr. Metaman loves VR games, tattoos, good sense of humor and aspires to become worldly famous. In his own words he is going to be the king of the Metaverse. His favorite book is “Legends of the Metaverse” which he found in the central library of Metacity.


I want to live every moment of my life. I want to enjoy every breath before and after I inhale. That is my way of beginning and ending a day - I dance just after I wake up and before going to sleep.

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