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Unity by Vals

Vals or Valeria Alvarez hails from the City of Mexico. With her beautiful surreal take on timeless topics such as music, sports, cosmos, science, love and cats, her bright, stylised aesthetic and use of colour means her illustrations are instantly recognisable, and the perfect artist for all visual storytelling. Vals specializes in digital technique and her work could be defined like a visual "Dream pop". Vals started developing illustrations inspired by her daily life, as well as things she liked, such as time travel stories and uploaded them to his social networks gaining a great following and the recognition by such major clients as Google, Apple, Cartoon Network, Snapchat, Vice among others. Vals is interested in music, collecting vinyl records, video games and UFO themes and travelling to Mars.


Lying down is more natural to me. But for you it is standing still. The sky and I are in open conversation. You intervene. The trees touch me and the flowers have time for me. You are here again making the world work. You and I, can a balance be struck between both?

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