#369 Evolution by Pavel Valseca

Pavel Valseca’s use of colour is peerless and simply impeccable. Graduated at the Mesoamerican University of Oaxaca, Pavel is a Mexican illustrator who has largely worked in advertising, cinematography and video games industry creating the design of characters and environments. Having explored various subjects on his way, he has a real soft spot for the science fiction, terror and fantasy that gracefully implement the human figure and nature mixed with technology and supernatural. Pavel has always loved to express himself through drawing, looking for inspiration in works of such classics as Carvaggio, Rembrant, Saturnino Herrán and contemporary artists like Kim Jung Gi and Ryan Jia. Learning and improving his skills govern much of the beauty of his work. It is with this sharp eye for details, great sense of color and passion for cosmos and outer worlds that Pavel creates the illustration on Mars. 


Tablets, making video calls or prosthetics bionics - some time ago it seemed unreal. If we can choose the future, I want it with suits that will help us in daily life, suits that make us be able to fly, male us have super strength, to be more agile and more resistant.
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