#188 Pawnbroker by David Durà - Payments in the Off-World Colonies, 2121 by Dr. Franklin Noll

The holographic projections of female characters, more cyborgs than real women, transport us into a reality that is not so far from ours, made of neon dreams. David Dura, AKA "David Motion" evokes in the viewer curiosity and seduces by sensual gazes of his beautiful protagonists hidden by the deep shadows. Motion designer and computer graphics artist, David is based in The Netherlands. He fell in love with animation while studying design in the city of Barcelona. Animation allowed him to explore new worlds and techniques, focusing on light, color and composition. David creates a unique poetic language and situates his stunning work halfway between cyber world and a human one.


With a sense of excellence David Durà evokes in the viewer curiosity adorning the letter to the future by Franklin Noll, a PhD who is recognized as an authority on the history of money. Titled ‘Payments in the Off-World Colonies, 2121,’ his letter explores what the future of money could look like. This one-of-the-kind NFT from the BeInCrypto star consists of the prediction revealed for public by the end of the charity auction paired with Durà’s extraordinary artwork which is one more dynamic piece in a great chain of Crypto Corpse.
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