Mujer pintando sus uñas by Monillus

Themes of femininity, beauty and nature often dominate Monillus’s bold and bright work. Born in Mexico, Monillus is a young artist who currenly studies the Editing Graphics at the Faculty of Arts and Design, in Xochimilco, Mexico City. Since she was a child, she has been deeply attracted to exploring the world through the colors and shapes. Passionate about beautiful color palettes, she creates youthful and whimsical images that show multiple layers of emotions which make her art easily reach a wide audience. Monillus is inspired by the diversity of people, by faces, female bodies and eyes. While the artist explores her own sensitivity, her unique content gently places the viewer in a space of interrogation and wonder. In future Monillus searches to collaborate with book publishers to create children’s and young adult books.


You said that the guests needed a checkup, their reflexes have slowed? Madame Flower has not been at her best lately. No worries, a small spaceship of the first aid pushes open your window and lands on the carpet. You all look gorgeous tonight!

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